The principal of the business is Jennifer Bingham who has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years, as finance director, chief operating officer and compliance officer.

Tax Consultant

Christina Knight is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor who has been in active practice for many years

Portfolio Administration

We work with our clients to consolidate their portfolios into a tailored reporting summary�

Monthly Portfolio Summary
Transaction Updates
Monthly Portfolio Valuations

Portfolio Overview

Overseeing the structure of the portfolio against both client and instrument objectives facilitates an active and informed decision process...

Stop losses monitored�
Index comparisons
Objectives and strategies measured
Peer comparisons

Portfolio Reporting

By updating and aggregating the portfolio into a monthly Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account, valuable information is provided in a timely manner...

Monthly consolidated B/S
Data relevant to our client highlighted
Clear reporting summary

Portfolio Analysis

Delivering value to the client through a transparent process...

Identification & explanation of over/underperformance
Value at risk

We are a family office working for private clients, trusts and foundations, offering a personal and specialised service to both UK resident and non- resident clients.

We administer, monitor and report on our clients� portfolios by means of an active data driven approach. Our tax department advises on and processes our clients� UK tax affairs and we offer an accounting function to cover day to day financial administration.

Portfolio and Investment Analysis

Transparent, accurate and up to date information facilitates the investment decision process...

Investment project consultancy
Market analysis
Stock analysis

Tax Administration

Tax plays an important part in our clients� financial management...

Review, monitor and report
Liaise with clients� worldwide advisers
Preparation and submission of UK Tax filings

Other Services

Accounting and bookkeeping function for day to day financial administration.

Evaluation of overheads and cost management.

Our co-operation with legal and trust firms enables us to provide offshore tax planning and make offshore trust arrangements on your behalf.

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